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Robert Shirk & Ronda Richley Art Show. - 2/26/18 - 3/5/18.

A fun time was had by all.

Robert Shirk and Ronda Richley.

Ronda Richley was the perfect artist for me to choose to partner with me for my first show since coming back to painting in mid 2016. She's a very talented artist with a wealth of experience that I drew on to put this show on. Ronda's earthly 'Garden of Eden' ceramics were a nice contrast to my sleek contemporary paintings.

'Garden of Eden' ceramics by Ronda Richley.

I actually hung the show twice! The first time including large works that I still had from back in the 1980's. But everything seemed way too crowded, so I only kept the very large 4 foot by 8 foot 'Lips' for its drama, perfect backdrop for selfies, and curb appeal.

I want to thank Alice Gipson and Megan Corbett for asking me to put on this show at Arts on Granada. The venu has huge potential.

Curb appeal.

I met many art enthusiasts drawn to the show because my Facebook promotions, as well as the nice article by Paig Wilson of the Ormond Beach Observer. I sold two paintings, arranged for two commissions, and Ronda sold some of her ceramics

Short 1 minute promotion video I did for the Shirk & Richley Art Show.

Thank you LC & Tommy Tobe, and Peter Cerreta for each purchasing one of my pintings.

I want to thank some of my old friends that came out and supported Ronda and me, as well as the many new friends we made during the show. A fun time was had by all.