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Palm Beach Girls, A Series

A series of paintings celebrating the warmth, beauty, and the elegence of Palm Beach.

The Story Of This Series.

The girls in these paintings live in Palm Beach and are surrounded by blue sky, sunshine, and the smell of salty breezes coming off the ocean. Old money, new money, and the magnificent Mediterranean-revival architecture of Addison Mizner have made Palm Beach a magnet for the likes of the Flaglers, Vanderbilts, and Carnegies, where pedigree is paramount.

But these girls were not born to the manner, and don't spend their summers in the Hamptons or St. Moritz. Here where everybody knows everybody, they gracefully move through Palm Beach social circles with impeccable manners and elegant bearing.

The next time you're in Palm Beach, you might see one of these Palm Beach Girls drying off after an early morning swim. Or slipping through a bougainvillea-encrusted courtyard just off Worth Avenue. Stop and chat, because you're sure to be entertained by the stories you'll hear.

Exhibition History:


Here is a short 1 min video that shows the 4 paintings in this series 'Palm Beach Girls'.

'Brilliant Hues' Exhibit. - 10/02/19.


The Lovely Loleita and I had such a wonderful time last night at the opening of the 'Brilliant Hues' exhibit at Gallery500. I want to start by thanking Jessica Kennedy, the gallery director for doing such a wonderful job hanging the show and putting together a first class exhibit. The gallery looked great. The wine was flowing, and the food was delicious.

It means the world to me to have so many of my Orlando friends brave i4 to join Vickie Wilson, Cheyenne Smith, and me at the opening. At one point in the evening we were overflowing out into the courtyard in front of the gallery. A lot of my Beaux Arts friends showed up for the good times as well. I had a blast visiting with so many friends. I even had the pleasure chatting with a few collectors. Who knew! LOL

The exhibit is running until 12/1/19.

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Monet Flagler - Architect, Swim Coach, Mom.
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Margo Mizner - This colorful flower, has a wonderful fragrance, but stay clear of her thorns.
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We may never see this Diva's eyes, but just imagine how beautiful they must be.
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Nothing says South Florida to me like tight bathing suits and the smell of coconut oil in the salty breeze coming off the ocean.
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