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Cattleya - Paradise Tami

Acrylic on 4 sheets of 24" x 32" plexiglass with Thai Unryu Paper. Date: December 2017.

Click to see hi-res image.

The Story Of This Painting.

This is one of the over 200 orchids my wife Loleita and I had when we lived in South Florida.

Each of the 4 sheets of plexiglass is painted with acrylic paint and contains a part of the final composite image. The effect creates a 3 dimensional painting that moves and changes as the viewers perspective changes.

The last sheet of plexi has Thai Unryu Paper mounted on it. The paper has open translucent areas that light passes through. I love the way it adds an organic feel to the painting, contrasting with the shiny plexiglass.


Here is a short 1 min fly-by video going inside the painting!

Exhibition History:

Below is the original image that I worked from for this painting.

Below is a photo to the orchid hanging above our dock in Lighthouse Point, Florida. A lot of the time I let the orchids grow out of their pots. The plant would grow into a huge ball that I would hang in the trees. Most all orchids are air plants. Their natural habitat is is growing in trees.

Award Winner. - 10/13/18.

Flagler County Art Guild Juried Exhibit "Fall Show 2018".

Had a great time visiting with lots of wonderful artists tonight. My painting 'Paradise Tami' won an 'Award of Distinction' at the Flagler Art Guild 'Fall Show'.

Judge: Harry Messersmith

Orlando Museum of Art 1st Thursday Show 'Florida Grown' - 04/05/18.

ArtistsRegistry.com Members Juried Exhibit

The 1st Thursdays @ Orlando Museum of Art Shows are always fun and high energy. I made some new friends at the show, Charles Lounsberry, Glen Anthony, and Colleen Ardaman. Had lots of fun being silly with Denise Fix, and I almost got on the dance floor with Vickie Wilson Wilson. Thanks Ev Niewoehner for driving us all the way from Daytona and back.

Thanks Jeff Shonkwiler for putting on another wonderful ArtistsRegistry Art-Organization members show.

Congratulations to Charles Lounsberry for winning Best in Show.

My painting 'Paradise Tami' had lots of interest. Everybody always wants to see how my paintings are put together, and how I create the 3D kinetic effect.

Award Winner. - 01/07/18.

Art League of Daytona Beach Juried Exhibit "Members Showcase 2018"

The lovely Loleita and I had a delightful afternoon at The Art League Of Daytona Beach 'Members Show'. I was lucky enough to win an award for my painting 'Paradise Tami'.

Judge: Rose Thome Casterline
"The judge appreciated the intriguing layers in this work, and the play of light that creates shadows and depth within the form. The artist uses meticulous technique but also employs freedom in the flow of shapes and colors. The work is beautifully presented."