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Weeping Angel Of Grief.

Acrylic paint on 2 sheets of 18"x24" plexiglass on top of 3 sheets of 24"x32" plexiglass. Date: December 2020.

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The Story Of This Painting.

I completed this painting in December of 2020. That year COVID-19 took off, the world shut down, people were encouraged to stay in their homes, business closed, schools went virtual, and vaccines were not yet available for emergency use here in the US.

It was a crazy time.

In the middle of 2020 I told my wife that I had an idea for a COVID painting, and she said no, no, I'm sick of COVID and I don't want to look at a COVID painting forever.

I had been inspired to do this painting when I saw a 1894 sculpture that William Story had made for the grave of his wife Emelyn at the Protestant Cemetery in Rome. He called it "The Angel of Grief Weeping Over the Dismantled Altar of Life."

You can read more about this sculpture on this Wikipedia page: Angel of Grief.

In my version, instead of the Angel weeping and draped over a tomb, she is draped over and enveloped by the COVID-19 virus. A Guardian Angel striving to protect humanity form the COVID-19 virus.

I usually have a lot of detail in my neo-pointillist paintings to create a photo realistic impressionist painting. In this piece I purposely made the Angel almost ghostlike with very little detail.

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Here is a short 1 min video that shows the 3D kinetic aspects of this painting.

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