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Geisha - Collaboration with Jean Banas

Acrylic paint on 2 sheets of 18"x24" plexiglass on top of 46"x48" acrylic on canvas. Date: Dec 2023.

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The Story Of This Painting.

Musicians collaborate when composing and preforming music. Why not visual artists. This painting is a result of a collaboration between me and Jean Banas.

Jean Banas & Robert Shirk
Jean and Robert

Jean Banas (jeanbanas.com) is a fantastic non objective abstract expressionist painter. She paints these large powerful paintings that are totally different than the tight neo-pointillist paintings I do. The process starts with me taking one of her finished paintings and attaching sheets of clear acrylic to the painting. Then I paint an image on those sheets that will harmonize with her existing painting. The idea is to have the two contrasting styles harmonize yet still have that tension created by the different styles. Kind of like jamming with a jazz musician. But instead of music it's with visual art.

In 2020 I finished a painting called "Geisha-Woman Of Art". I thought that image would be perfect for the Jean Banas painting.
eisha-Woman Of Art
Geisha-Woman Of Art

Before and after
Jean's painting before and after my addition.

Jean Banas Video

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