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Ole' - Wave Dancing

Acrylic on 4 pieces of 24" x 32" plexiglass. Date: May 2018.

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The Story Of This Painting.

In 2017, a year after I came back to painting, I discovered an outstanding commercial art gallery in New Smyrna Florida called Arts on Douglas. Every year during the Summer they have an open call for artists to participate in their 'Endless Summer' juried group exhibition. The paintings I had finished up to then consisted mostly of portraits, so I didn't have anything appropriate to submit for the show that year. I then began considering what I could paint in my 3 dimensional kinetic style that would have that 'Endless Summer' theme.

I grew up in South Florida, spending much of my time in and on the ocean. Swimming, scuba diving, fishing, sailing, and yes surfing. Now, anybody that knows South Florida beaches, knows that there are not many surfable waves to be had other than during the yearly hurricanes. So my buddies and I would drive up to Jupiter inlet and surf there. It was a great time in my life.

So this would be the theme of my painting, surfing. This painting brings me back to a fabulous time in my youth. Tanned teenagers, looking for waves, girls, and good times.

I wanted the painting to visually show the rough and wild activity in and above the waves, contrasted to the calm sanctuary that resides below the waves. Waves can be extremely violent when they start to break. Surfers paddling out from the beach can have a very difficult time with these breaking waves on top of them and pushing them back to the beach. An option for surfers is to 'Duck Dive' below the wave. That is what my surfer girl is doing in this painting.

I have also created a visual tension between the surfer on the wave and the one below the wave. The seduction and allure of the girl verses the animal magnetism and charisma of the guy. She's calm, smooth and sensuous under the wave, and he's rough, wild and menacing on the wave. It's definitely a 'Wave Dance'. Ole'.

Exhibition History:

Here is a short 1 min video that shows what is printed on each of the 4 sheets of plexiglass for this painting.

Winner - Best in Show! - 12/08/18

I want to thank Judge Gregory Graham Grant for these wonderful comments about my painting 'Ole' - Wave Dancing'. The painting won 'Best in Snow' at the Flagler County Art League's 'Winter Show 2018'. I'm very honored to have this impressive artist and instructor give my painting such a glowing critique.

Judge Gregory Graham Grant comments:
The single most important criterion for judging artwork is in assessing the overall dynamic of visual impact paired with intellectual and/or emotional engagement. This piece is a splendid example of how these factors join to elicit a powerful response for anyone who takes the time to look. One cannot help but closely investigate the construction of this innovative piece and admire the layers of paint on multiple sheets of plexiglass. This reminiscent of the color separation process in the printing industry. The effect is a mesmerizing, 3D experience when all the layers are combined. A brilliant conception, this technical wonder is completed with the artist's gift for story telling, imaginative composition and obvious technical rendering prowess. Congratulations to the artist for this stunning work.

Arts on Douglas - 08/04/18

Ticketed for driving to fast in the fun lane.

From now on when I hear "Art" and "Party" in the same sentence I'm going to think of the '2018 Endless Summer' juried group exhibition at Arts on Douglas. What a blast it was. Surrounded by so many artists and friends, and even a little 'Endless Summer' cosplay thrown in. My painting 'Ole - Wave Dancing' was in great company.

Sunglasses Twins in front of our paintings, Raysa Molina and me. Thanks for the photo Lillian Verkins.

Lillian Verkins always cracks me up. And we were just getting started! Thanks for the picture Raysa Molina.


What a fun time at the Orlando Museum of Art. My painting Ole'-Wave Dancing got a great response from a record crowd.

Dancer Megan Crawford and artist Herbie Martin doing their version of Wave Dancing. Photo credits go to Dan Comption and Denise Fix.