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Volto Musica.

Acrylic paint on 2 sheets of 24"x32" on top of 2 sheets of 36"x48" plexiglass. Date: March 2020.

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The Story Of This Painting.

I've always loved the drama and decadence of the Ventian Carnival Masks. I wanted to paint one, and when there were two musical themed art exhibitions scheduled for the summer of 2020, I decided to give it a shot. Unfortunately midway into creating my painting, those exhibitions were postponed or canceled because of Covid-19 issues. No matter, I'm happy I finally have my Ventian Carnival Mask painting.

She is called 'Volto Musica'. It's Acrylic paint on 2 sheets of 24"x32" on top of 2 sheets of 36"x48" plexiglass.

Ventian masks have a rich history dating back to the 13th century. According to Wikipedia "covering the face in public was a uniquely Venetian response to one of the most rigid class hierarchies in European history. During Carnival, the sumptuary laws were suspended, and people could dress as they liked, instead of according to the rules that were set down in law for their profession and social class."

There are many distinct styles of masks worn during the Venice Carnival. The mask depicted in my painting "Volto Musica" is a Volto (Larva) mask. "Volto" is Italian for face, "larva" means ghost in Latin. This mask is often made of stark white porcelain or thick plastic, frequently gilded, decorated and is commonly worn with a tricorn and cloak. It's mostly worn by women, with a headdress, scarf and veil.

Exhibition History:


My daughter and I recently visited the Museum of Arts and Science in Daytona where we viewed your Volto Musica. WOW! What a magnificent piece! We actually found ourselves going back to see it several times before leaving the Museum for the day. I am not an artist but wanted to make sure that you received positive feedback from the community for such unique and creative artwork. TRULY SPECTACULAR! - Jerry, Daytona Beach Florida.

This piece is not only fascinating to look at but the concept is brilliantly conceived. Looking closely at the depth created by layered, painted transparent sheets of plexiglass gives the viewer a sense of depth that is difficult to achieve in traditional work. Wonderful! - Jane, Port Orange Florida.


Interview with me at the Museum of Arts & Sciences describing my painting 'Volto Musica'.


Here is a short 1 min video that shows the 3D kinetic aspects of this painting.